Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Britney Spears Biography 3

A few years after Britney Spear's 1st Mickey Mouse Club rejection, Britney at last brought down a place as a "Mouseketeer" at the age of 11. Connecting with a cast of gifted teens on the show, Britney flaunted her acting, dance and vocalizing talents on the show that also bred the careers of associate stunners Keri Russell and Christina Aguilera. After a long time of living in Orlando with her family while acting in the show, Britney pulled back home to Kentwood after the show was called off, and came back to high school.

Her one average year as a 14 year old high school educatee would be the last bit of normality in Britney's life. With a dream of following a career as a vocalist and a hope to leave her small hometown, Britney set off to New York City once more, this time fated to sign with a great record label. Britney eventually signed with Jive Records, after a VIP exec was fully impressed with the gift he heard on the demo. Working alongside Eric Foster White, a producer who previously did work with artists such as Boyzone and Whitney Houston, Britney's entry album was at last ready for its January 1999 release date.